You can find here an overview of my recent books, articles, book chapters, and for those who prefer a shorter read I also provided links to my blogs.

I also have a google scholar profile. You can find it here (please note though that it does not allow me to add the citations of my latest book Migration&Mobility in the EU, which is a completely rewritten 2nd edition since it is not able to unmerge it with the first edition, that I haven’t co-authored)

(Peer Reviewed) Books:

Migration and Mobility in the European Union, Macmillan 2020 (co-authored with A. Geddes, and L. Brumat) (peer reviewed)

Book Review by Alexander Caviedes in IEUSS Review of Books

The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance, Edward Elgar, 2019 (co-edited with A. Geddes, L. Brumat and M. Espinoza) (peer reviewed)

EUropäische Bildpolitiken: Politische Bildanalyse an Beispielen der EU-Politik. (EUropean Visual Politics. Political Visual Analysis: the example of EU politics) UTB 2007 (with Andreas Pribersky, Karin Liebhart, and Petra Bernhardt)

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

Exploring the EU’s status quo tendency in the migration policy field: a network-centred perspective” (with A. Pettrachin), Journal of European Public Policy 2022 [online first, open access]

The Centre Right in an era of politicization(with T. Bale and A. Geddes, Special Issue Introduction), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2021 [online first]

The Austrian People’s Party: an anti-immigrant right party? (with. D. Ruedin), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2021 [online first]

“‘Push or Pull?’ Framing immigration in the European Union and the United States in times of crisis”, Journal of European Integration 2020, 42:5, 643-658

Immigrant integration: the governance of ethno-cultural differences. Comparative Migration Studies 2019, 7 (15), 1-8.

Contesting the deportation state? Political change aspirations in protests against forced returns(with S. Rosenberger), Ethnic and Racial Studies 2019, 42(16): 102-119.

“Party Activism: The permeability of the asylum protest arena in Austria(with S. Rosenberger), Social Movement Studies 2019, 18(4): 391-407.

“Managing Superdiversity. A discussion of the intercultural policy paradigm”(with A. Geddes). Politics and Policy 2017, 45(4): 493-510.

“Changing the path? EU Migration Governance after the Arab Spring (with A. Geddes). Mediterranean Politics, 23(1): 142-160.

“Gender nationalism. New (old) politics of belonging”, Austrian Journal of Political Science 2017, 46(1): 83-88.

“Immigrant Integration and the economic competitiveness agenda: A comparison of Dublin and Vienna”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2014, 40(12): 1875-1894.

“Anti-Migrationspolitik im Namen der Geschlechtergleichheit. Das Paradox des ‘feministischen Rechtspopulismus’”(Anti-migration politics in the name of gender equality. The paradox of feminist right-wing populism), Femina Politica 2010, 2:117-119.

“Tu felix Austria? The headscarf and the politics of ‘non-issues’”(with S. Rosenberger, B. Sauer, N. Gresch). Social Politics 2008, 15(4):411-432.

“Das muslimische Kopftuch und die Geschlechtergleichheit. Eine Frage von Kultur oder Religion? (The Muslim Headscarf and Gender Equality. A question of culture or religion?)”, Femina Politica 2008,1:68-80.

“FEMMinistische Politik nach der EU-Erweiterung (FEMMinist Politics after the EU enlargement)”(with M. Mayrhofer). Femina Politica 2006, 1:58-67.

Book Chapters:

“The European Union. From Politics to Politicization” (with A. Geddes). In: Hollifield, J., Martin, P. and Orenius, P. (eds.) Controlling Migration. Stanford University Press.  [forthcoming]

Migrant categories & the politics of labelling (with F. Zardo). In: Cvajner, M., Kivisto, P. and Sciortino, G. (eds.): Edward Elgar Research Handbook on the Sociology of Migration. [forthcoming]

The Political Economy of Migration in the European Union (with. A Geddes). In: Quaglia, L. (ed): European Political Economy. Oxford University Press. [forthcoming]

Gender und Asyl. (with P. Scheibelhofer). In: Marcel Berlinghoff, Birgit Glorius, Olaf Kleist und Tabea Scharrer: Handbuch Fluchtforschung. [forthcoming]

Religion and Gender. In: Haynes, J.: Handbook of Religion and Ideology. Routledge 2021, 65-77

“Illiberal democracy and the politicization of migration”. In: Sajó, A., Holmes, S. and Uitz, R. (eds.): Routledge Handbook of Illiberalism. Routledge 2022.  299-312

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“Geschlechtergleichheit oder Recht auf kulturelle Differenz? Die Politisierung der Frage von Geschlechtergleichheit, eine Herausforderung für egalitäres Denken” (“Gender equality or the right to cultural difference? The politicization of the question of gender equality, a challenge for egalitarian thinking”). In: Hausbacher E. et al. (eds.): Migration und Geschlechterverhältnisse (Migration and Gender Relations). Springer VS 2012. 41-61.

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“Selige Kopftuchträgerinnen oder marginalisierte Migrantinnen? Partizipation von muslimischen Migrantinnen im toleranten österreichischen Kopftuchregime.” (“Blessed headscarf women or marginalized migrants? Participation of Muslim female migrants in the tolerant Austrian headscarf regime”) In: Berghahn, S. and Rostock, P. (eds.): Der Kopftuchstreit in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Transcript 2009. 73-100.

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“The commemoration of May 2005: The sixty years celebration of the end of WWII – A mirror of conflicting memories?” (with K. Liebhart) In: Findor, A., Wahnich, S. (eds.): Political Memory in the European Union. LIT 2008. 93-113.

“Integrationsunwillig? Zum Verhältnis von Migrationsforschung und politischer Praxis.” (“Not willing to integrate? About the relation of migration research and political practice”e) In: Fröschl, E., Kramer, H. and Kreisky, E. (eds.). Politik Beratung. Zwischen Affirmation und Kritik. Braumüller 2007. 183-196.

“The Role of National Parliaments in EU Affairs. A comparative view on Austria and Hungary.” (with S. Kurtán) In: Ágh, A. (ed.): Post-Accession in East Central Europe. The Emergence of the EU. Hungarian Centre for Democracy Studies 2004. 153-174.

Reports and working papers:

Safeguarding the Integrity of the Asylum System and the Moral Rights of Rejected Asylum Seekers: A Conditional Right to Remain. RSC Working Paper. (with Eszter Kollar).

From the Migration Crisis to the New Pact on Migration and Asylum: The Status Quo Problem. Working Paper BRIDGE/UCD 2021.

The state of play of Schengen governance. An assessment of the Schengen evaluation and monitoring mechanism in its first multiannual programme. Study requested by the LIBE Committee (with Martin Wagner, Caitlin Katsiaficas, Josephine Liebl, Lenka Drazanova, and Julien Jeandesboz), 2020

Indian High Skilled Migrants in Austria. Report for the Migration Policy Centre (CARIM India), European University Institute, Florence, 2013.

Blog Posts:

Can Rwanda Be the Solution? Europe’s Cooperation on Migration With Third Countries.  Migration Policy Center Blog 2022

Who is a refugee? Understanding Europe’s diverse responses to the 2015 and the 2022 refugee arrivals. Mobile People & Diverse Societies blog (EURAC) Blog. 2022 (with A. Pettrachin & Heaven Crawley)

Explaining the remarkable shift in European responses to refugees following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. LSE European Politics and Policy Blog 2022 (with A. Pettrachin)

From “bogus” asylum seekers to “genuine” refugees; shifting discourses and attitudes towards Afghan migrants. The University of Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) Blog . 2021

Economies Will Continue to Rely on Migration Post Pandemic. Global Mobility Report blog Q4. 2021.

From the Migration Crisis to the Pact on Migration and Asylum: The Status Quo Problem. DCU Bridge Blog. 2021.

Us versus Them? Covid-19 and its Effects. Migration Policy Center Blog. 2020.

A Reset of the European Union’s Approach to Migration? (with A. Geddes). Dahrendorf Forum Blog. 2019

Migration Studies. From Dehumanizing to Decolonizing (with K. Vanyoro and H. Dempster). LSE Higher Education Blog. 2019

Fighting Myths about Migration. Facts and Evidence are not Enough. Migration Policy Center Blog. 2019

Global Compact for Migration: What is it and Why are Countries Opposing it? (with M. Espinoza and L. Brumat). The Conversation Blog. 2018

Lockdown at the Rio Grande achieves little as Obama seeks immigration change”. The Conversation Blog 2014.

Comment Pieces in Newspapers:

“The 2014 U.S. Midterm Elections: Immigration a Dividing Line”. In: MetroÉireann[Bimonthly Irish, award winning multicultural newspaper], October 1, 2014.

“Portugal: Europe’s Emigration Nation”. In: Metro Éireann, July 15, 2014

“Immigration in the United States”. In: Metro Éireann, July 1, 2014

Racial Segregation in the U.S.” In: Metro Éireann, May 15, 2014.

“Rise of Hate Groups in the U.S”. In: Metro Éireann, May 1, 2014.

“Pope Francis and the U.S. Immigration Reform”. In: Metro Éireann, April 1, 2014.

“Racialization, Exploitation and Fear: the Reality of Domestic Work in the U.S.”. In: Metro Éireann, March 15, 2014.

How the Tea Party Blocks U.S. Immigration Reform”. In: Metro Éireann, March 1, 2014.

“Costly Time for Russia as the Winter Olympics Shine Light on Homophobia”. In: Metro Éireann, February 15, 2014. 

“Meet the Dreamers Redefining American Identity”. In: Metro Éireann, February 1, 2014. 

“The U.S. Immigration System is Broken in the Eyes of Millions”. In: Metro Éireann, January 15, 2014. 

“Recent US Election Results show Immigration Reform is not Dead”. In: Metro Éireann, December 1, 2013.

 “Drohungen im ungarischen Wahlkampf sind nicht neu”. (“Threats in Hungarian Election Campaigns are not New”). Der Standard, April 10, 2006.